Elizabeth is back to gardening, housekeeping and walking her dog with her husband since her traditional spinal cord stimulator has been replaced with HF10.

“It was about 12 years ago when I first noticed pain in my spine that radiated down my legs all the way to my knees,” Elizabeth recalled. “I was packing for a move at the time -- which was something we did often because my husband is a clergyman – so the pain was quite unexpected.”

The spine surgeon she consulted said she was not a good candidate for surgery, so he referred her to a pain specialist. Elizabeth was initially treated with injections but when her pain persisted, a traditional spinal cord stimulator was recommended. It helped Elizabeth for awhile but eventually tapered off to only providing about 30% relief.

“My pain was at a constant Level 8 out of 10 and kept me awake at night,” she said. Dr. Jerry Grewal suggested replacing her failing device with HF10 and the replacement took place in July 2019.

“Now I am not only gardening, walking the dog and caring for my home but I am also able to volunteer helping fifth graders with their reading,” Elizabeth said.


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